Senator Rattles Off List of 'Breathtaking,' 'Unbelievable' Price Increases

By Craig Bannister | November 18, 2021 | 12:28pm EST
(Getty Images/Richard Levin)

“I asked my staff to put together some inflation numbers – and they’re just breathtaking,” Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) said Wednesday, listing some of the items that consumers are being forced to pay a lot more for, due to President Joe Biden’s inflationary policies.

In a Senate floor speech, Sen. Kennedy noted how “unbelievable” price increases have hit Americans hard on everything from gasoline (up 50 percent) to children’s clothes (up 7.6 percent):

“Gasoline: up 50 percent,

“Rental cars: up 42.9 percent,

“You need a used car or truck – they’re up 26 percent,

“A turkey: 20.2 percent,

“Bacon: 20.2 percent

“Beef: 20.1 percent,

“Pork chops: 15.9 percent,

“Bedroom furniture: 12 percent higher than last year

“Eggs: 11.6 percent up,

“Televisions: up 10 percent

“Frozen fruits and vegetables: up seven and a half percent,

“Chicken: up 8.8 percent,

“Shoes: up eight percent,

“Baby food: up eight percent,

“Children’s clothes: up 7.6 percent.”

“And I could keep going – unbelievable,” Sen. Kennedy said.

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