Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘Democrats Don’t Believe in Democracy;’ They Think Voters Don’t Have the Right to Make Decisions

Craig Bannister | March 30, 2022 | 3:29pm EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz
(Getty Images/Ken Cedeno)

Democrats know they’re going to lose in November, and they know their policies are unpopular, so the only way they can fulfill their agenda is by subverting democracy, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Tuesday.

“Democrats don’t believe in Democracy,” and they won’t abandon their destructive policies, so they want to employ a liberal Supreme Court to do their bidding, no matter what voters want, Cruz said in an interview on The Ingraham Angle:

“They know they are going to lose. And Nancy Pelosi's not going to go quietly. She's going to scream. She’s already preparing to scream that the election was stolen. And, by the way, what she means by ‘stolen’ is that people showed up to vote against Democrats. That's what stealing the election is. 

“Remember: Democrats don't believe in democracy. You and I both clerked at the Supreme Court. We’ve seen what they want justices to do. They want nine unelected lawyers to mandate every policy outcome in the country.”

As in the case of abortion, Democrats want to tell voters “You have no right to make decisions like that,” Sen. Cruz warned:

“On a question of life, in the next couple of months, the Supreme Court may well overturn Roe vs. Wade, sending the question of abortion back to the states. 

“The Democrats don’t want voters to have that right. They want to say, ‘You have no right to make decisions like that; It's five lawyers in robes in Washington.’ They don't believe in democracy.”

But, one thing Democrats don’t want to tell voters is what the Democrat Party’s true agenda is, Cruz said:

“And, if you look, they know their ideas are unpopular. It's why they hide from what they believe. How many Democrats talk about gun control? How many Democrats talk silencing free speech or taking away your religious liberty?

“They pretend they don’t believe it and then they try to ram that agenda through.”

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