Sen. Cruz: ‘Media’s Docile Willingness to Cede Power to Big Tech… Poses the Single Greatest Threat to a Free Press’

Craig Bannister | October 20, 2020 | 10:24am EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz

 (Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla)

“If Big Tech can silence The New York Post, they can silence The New York Times,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) warned Monday in a press call hosted by Media Research Center Pres. Brent Bozell addressing Facebook and Twitter censorship of news about Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, published in The New York Post.

“Big Tech has taken the astonishing view that it has unlimited power to censor the media to prevent the American people from learning about these stories and to punish anyone who dares to discuss facts that are inconvenient to the political narrative Big Tech favors,” Cruz said.

Social media giants selectively silencing news they don’t like - such as The New York Post’s reports of a Hunter Biden laptop containing emails discussing influence-peddling in Ukraine and China when Joe Biden was vice president- poses “profound dangers,” the senator cautioned:

“In any world, handing control of our democracy, handing control of free speech to a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires, modern-day oligarchs with unlimited power and a brazen willingness to use that power, would pose profound dangers.”

Big Tech censorship also seriously threatens, not only free speech and democracy in the U.S., but also the nation’s free press – and even biased, liberal media outlets should be worried, Cruz warned:

“But, even more flabbergasting, is the media’s docile willingness to cede that power to Big Tech.

“If Big Tech can silence The New York Post, they can silence The New York Times. If Big Tech can silence Politico, they can silence The Washington Post. They can silence Fox News. They can silence anyone and everyone who dares report on any facts, any news inconsistent with the desires of the Big Tech billionaires.

“This poses the single greatest threat to free speech in America today. It poses the single greatest threat to democracy in America today.

“And, it also poses the single greatest threat to a free press. Even left-wing, Democratic journalists who hate President Trump should pause for a second and ask, ‘What the hell are we doing allowing a couple of Silicon Valley billionaires to decide what the press is allowed to report and what they’re not?’”

“And, the fact that the networks, the major papers seem completely uninterested in reporting on, or even acknowledging, this story is an indictment of the politicization and the lack of journalistic integrity of today’s media at a stunning level.”

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