Sen. Cruz: If You Don’t Drive a Prius, Dems Want to Make Your Life Miserable by Making It So You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Craig Bannister | June 22, 2022 | 11:08am EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz

“Joe Biden: get the hell off the backs of the American people!” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Tuesday, addressing today’s surging prices at the gas pump.

“The thing to understand on gas prices: this is not an accident; this is not an unintended side-effect. This is what he campaigned on,” Cruz said in an interview on Newsmax TV.

Democrats’ goal is to force Americans into submission and dictate what they drive by making it too expensive to pay their bills if they don’t comply, Cruz said:

“If you drive a pickup truck, if you drive a minivan - If you don’t drive what they want, they want to make your life miserable.

“They want to make it so you can’t pay your bills – because, they want to force you to sell your pickup truck and buy a little Prius and obey their demands.”

“And, Joe Biden: get the hell off the backs of the American people! Stop playing games,” Cruz said, noting that, if the president genuinely wanted to lower gas prices, he’d approve the Keystone XL pipeline, approve permits to build additional pipelines and open up drilling that he’s currently banning.

And, don’t be fooled by the temporary ‘gas tax holiday’ Democrats are considering, because they want pump prices to jump to ten dollars a gallon as soon as November’s elections are over, Cruz warns:

“Maybe, they’ll do the tax holiday. It’s directed at one day: Election Day in November. And, as soon as election day is over, they want your gas to go, not just to five dollars a gallon, they want it to go to six, seven, eight – they’re aiming for $10 a gallon.”

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