Sen. Cruz: How “The Left Is Like the ‘Terminator’”

Craig Bannister | June 25, 2021 | 12:18pm EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz

“What? I’m just describing them,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said after listing the ways he says the Left is like the cyborg killing machine in the movie “The Terminator.”

“They’re soulless, have no heart, no brain and red eyes,” Cruz told his audience at last Friday’s Faith & Freedom conference, warning that every one of America’s founding principles are under constant assault from the Terminator Left:

“We are seeing an assault on our nation, an assault at a level never before in the history of this country. All of the foundations of this country are under assault. The Constitution is under assault. The Bill of Rights is under assault. Our Founding Fathers are under assault. The eternal principles America was built on are being attacked each and every day.

“This assault is relentless and the Left is like the Terminator: they never sleep, they never stop. They’re soulless, have no heart, no brain and red eyes.

“What, I’m just describing them?”

Cruz said that the Left is using its control of the drivers of popular culture – the airwaves, media, education, and Hollywood – to dupe millions of Americans into believing that no one else shares their values:

“Their trick: they want to convince the men and women here, they want to convince patriots across the country that, when you think obvious truths, that you’re alone, that nobody else thinks that.

“They control the airwaves, they control media, they control journalism, they control education, they control Hollywood, they control culture. And they try to tell us: nobody else thinks like you do, just go back home, retreat, hide, give up on America – we are ascendant.”

“The greatest trick the Devil ever played was to convince the world he didn’t exist,” Sen. Cruz said, quoting a line from the movie ‘The Usual Suspects.’”

Cruz then applied that concept to the Left’s successful use of popular culture to dupe millions of Americans and advance its political agenda:

“There’s a corollary to that: The greatest trick the Left has ever played is to convince millions of Americans that we are alone and that the American people aren’t with us. What they’re doing is wrong and it’s built on a pile of lies. You know, Andrew Breitbart once said, ‘Politics is downstream from culture.’ Well, today, politics is culture.”

“If you want to hold on to your faith, if you want to hold on to your freedom, then you have to rise and answer the call to defend America,” Cruz warned.

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