Seattle Fraternal Order of Police President: Anti-Police Activists Refusing to Meet with Law Enforcement

By Craig Bannister | April 30, 2021 | 11:59am EDT
Seattle FOP Pres. Marco Monteblanco

Community leaders across the country are pushing anti-police rhetoric and seeking to defund law enforcement, leaving citizens to suffer the consequences, Seattle Fraternal Order of Police President Marco Monteblanco says.

In an interview Friday on Fox & Friends, Monteblanco was asked about the staffing crisis at the Seattle Police Department, where more than 180 officers quit their jobs in 2020, and another 66 have left since the start of this year.

A major reason for the exodus of police in Seattle, and nationally, is that anti-police leaders are refusing to meet with law enforcement to discuss solutions, Monteblanco said:

“What we’re seeing here is a situation where some of our stakeholders, not only in Washington, but throughout the country frankly, are pushing this narrative of defund the police – and refusing to meet with law personnel and find a collaborative, balanced approach to police reform.

“And, like I said, this is all over the country we’re seeing this and also rural areas, as well.”

As a result, citizens are being victimized by a drastic rise in violent crime across the county, Monteblanco said:

“And, when we see this, the result of those officers are leaving, and only the citizens in those communities are suffering. We’re seeing violent crime rates go up drastically in all major cities in this country.”

“We are for police reform. The Fraternal Police want that,” but “The only way to move forward is to do it together,” Monteblanco said, inviting those promoting police reform to meet with law enforcement and discuss the best way forward:

“We are always open and willing to sit down with anybody. We are willing to have those conversations, because there’s going to be many times that people realize that we actually agree with many of the things that are wanted to be talked about. And, it’s just being able to voice that with everybody.”

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