Schumer: ‘We Are Going to Fight... to Let Everybody Vote – Everybody’

By Craig Bannister | November 14, 2018 | 1:00pm EST

Democrats are going to fight “to let everybody vote – everybody,” Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) vowed Wednesday.

At a press conference outlining his party's legislative prioriites, Sen. Schumer said Democrats are fighting for “real reforms,” like allowing “everybody” to vote. “Everybody,” Schumer reiterated.

He, then, twice called it “despicable” to excluding anyone from voting:

“The Trump Administration is the most ethically-challenged in history. From the president to his cabinet, and congressional Republicans have backed up that swamp all the way.

“We’re going to fight for real reforms, to loosen the grip of special interests in Washington – and to let everybody vote. Everybody - not stand in the way of people voting, which is a despicable, despicable thing for people to do. It’s against the wellspring of our democracy.

“We hope our colleagues in the House will have success in passing bills like this. We will be relentless here in the Senate in pressuring Senator McConnell and Republicans in the Senate to put them on the floor or pay the consequences.

“The American people voted for Democrats last week on the strength of our ideas. Senate Democrats are committed to make those ideas a reality in this upcoming Congress.”

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