Schumer: 4.9M Increase in Jobs a ‘Slight Peak in a Much Larger Valley...Things Will Get Worse Once Again’

By Craig Bannister | July 2, 2020 | 10:34am EDT
Sen Chuck Schumer
(Getty Images/Andrew Caballero-Reynolds)

Unless President Donald Trump corrects his mistakes and Senate Republicans give Democrats what they want, “The pain America is experiencing will only worsen,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Thursday in response to continued improvement in the nation’s employment picture.

“According to the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics released Thursday, the number of employed Americans increased by 4,940,000 in June to 142,182,000,” reports:

“The number of unemployed Americans dropped by 3,235,000 last month, and the nation's unemployment rate also dropped to 11.1 percent, down from 13.3 percent in May and the record 14.7 percent in April.

“President Trump, at an impromptu Thursday morning news conference, hailed the 4.8 million jobs added in June, calling the ‘largest monthly jobs gain in the history of our country.’”

Schumer, however, interpreted the good news as “a slight peak in a much larger valley” and reason to fear “things will only get worse”:

“Today’s jobs report may just be a slight peak in a much larger valley, and unless President Trump demonstrates real leadership in fighting the health crisis and the Senate GOP get off their hands and finally work with Democrats to quickly provide additional federal fiscal relief, the pain America is experiencing will only worsen.

“President Trump must not repeat the same mistakes with this economic crisis that he made initially with COVID-19 – ignoring it and brushing it aside now will only ensure that things will get worse once again.”

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