Scalise: Bidenomics Has Americans ‘Waiting Months to Get a Microwave’

Craig Bannister | September 21, 2021 | 4:32pm EDT
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Rep. Steve Scalise
(Getty Images/Mark Wilson)

President Joe Biden’s “$5 trillion tax-and-spend bill masquerading as an infrastructure bill” will worsen the rampant inflation he’s already inflicting on American families, House GOP Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) warned Tuesday.

Americans are already paying more for everything they’re buying – even having to hold off for months before buying microwaves – Scalise said at a press event, explaining how Biden’s plan to raise and create taxes will hurt low-income families:

“And so, what is his answer this week and next week as you see an inflation crisis that probably the biggest concern most Americans are expressing today? That they're paying more money for everything, they're buying, from gasoline to food at the grocery store, waiting months to get a microwave oven if they're trying to upgrade their kitchen.

“He's now going to bring a massive tax hike bill, a $5 trillion tax-and-spend bill, all masquerading as an infrastructure bill. People get that that will only increase inflation even more. And who's going to get hit the hardest? It's going to be hard-working families. It's going to be the lower-income families.”

Biden’s plan to raise over $60 billion via new taxes on natural gas breaks his campaign promise that Americans making less than $400,000 won’t pay more, since it will increase the cost of heating homes in the winter and cooling them in the summer, Scalise said:

“Now, I know during the campaign he promised people that if they made under $400,000, they wouldn't pay a dime in new taxes. The only problem is President Biden breaks that promise to the American people with this bill, because anybody that heats their home in the winter or cools their home in the summer with natural gas is going to pay more. Conservative estimates say over 12 percent increase in people's household electricity bills because of President Biden's new tax increase on natural gas.

“And when we tried to take that out and pointed out to Democrats that it would break President Biden's promise, they voted on a party-line vote to keep that tax there. To keep taxing families with this new tax. And there's a whole lot of other taxes that low-income families will pay, as well.”

And, while Pres. Biden promised not to raise healthcare costs, his tax on natural gas will do just that, Scalise cautioned:

“By the way, we tried to exempt hospitals from the tax because you know what? Hospitals will now have to pay more, which means they're going to lead to higher healthcare costs. President Biden also promised he wouldn't raise healthcare costs. That promise will be broken, too.”

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