Sanders: Fossil Fuel Industry ‘Is Destroying This Planet...That Is Criminal Activity’

Craig Bannister | July 30, 2019 | 10:16pm EDT
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Sen. Bernie Sanders
(Getty Images/Andrew Burton)

The fossil fuel industry is engaged in "criminal activity," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) claimed Tuesday during the Democrat presidential debate:

“I get a little bit tired of Democrats afraid of big ideas. Republicans are not afraid of big ideas. They could give a trillion dollars in tax breaks to billionaires and profitable corporations. They can bail out the crooks on Wall Street. So, please don't tell me that we cannot take on the fossil fuel industry and nothing happens unless we do that.

“Here is the bottom line. We got to ask ourselves a simple question: what do you do with an industry that knowingly poured billions of dollars in short-term profits, is destroying this planet?

“I say that is criminal activity. That cannot be allowed to continue.”


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