Rob Reiner: Trump Says He ‘Learned a Lot About Covid’ – ‘It’s a Little Late, Schmuck’

Craig Bannister | October 5, 2020 | 10:27am EDT
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Rob Reiner
(Getty Images/Robyn Beck)

“It’s a little late, schmuck” political activist and Filmmaker Rob Reiner tweeted in response to a video released by President Donald Trump from Walter Reed hospital earlier in the day.

In a video message to the American people regarding his battle with coronavirus, Pres. Trump said that his first-hand experience with COVID-19 has been an educational experience, reports:

In a video posted to Twitter on Sunday afternoon, President Trump told Americans he’s “learned a lot about COVID…by really going to school.”

“This is the real school. This isn’t the let's-read-the-book school. And I get it, and I understand it. And it's a very interesting thing…”

In response to the video, Reiner accused the president of waiting until he contracted the virus - and 210,000 people had died - before bothering to learn about COVID-19:

“You learned a lot about Covid? Really? It’s only real if it happens to you? 210,000 people are dead!! It’s a little late, schmuck!”

On Saturday, Reiner tweeted that Trump’s illness is an “’I told you so’ moment”:

“You never want anyone to get sick, but if ever there was an ‘I told you so’ moment, this is it.”

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