Rob Lowe Cooks Spaghetti and Burgers for Firefighters Who Saved His Home

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | December 19, 2017 | 9:46 AM EST

Actor Rob Lowe (Screenshot)

Actor Rob Lowe expressed his gratitude to the firefighters who saved his home from the California fires by inviting them over to the house they saved for a home-cooked dinner – and posting photos of the event on Instagram.

Lowe personally prepared a meal of spaghetti and cheeseburgers for the firefighters, The Daily Wire reports:

“According to the famed actor's Instagram account, he cooked dinner for several Los Angeles firefighters, thanking them for saving his home during that terrible fire currently blazing its way across Montecito, Ca.

“Posting several photos on the social media site, Rob Lowe handsomely thanked the firefighters with a cheeseburger dinner and spaghetti. “Dinner for new friends at our house,” Lowe captioned the shot.”

Lowe also posted photos of the firefighters in action, saving his home from the blazes.


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