Reporter Who Berated WH Press Sec. Dictates What Her ‘PROPER ANSWER’ Should Have Been

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | June 15, 2018 | 11:52 AM EDT

CNN Contributor Brian Karem (Screenshot)

The reporter who rudely yelled at, and personally insulted, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday - because he didn’t like her answer to an immigration question - later told CNN what Sanders’ “proper answer” would have been.

On Wednesday, CNN Contributor and Sentinel Executive Editor Brian Karem went on a long tirade, attacking Sanders over her lack of “empathy” and her callousness towards illegal immigrant children given that she’s a mother.

Karem’s rude, person assault was prompted by Sanders’ explanation that U.S. immigration laws must be enforced.

After the White House briefing, Karem appeared on CNN to tell the White House press secretary the “proper answer” she should have given him:

“The proper answer, actually, for her, would have been: well, what we’re providing them in a WalMart is better than what they have in their own county.

“And, that would’ve been callous, but true.”

The CNN contributor then claimed that it’s Sanders’ own fault that he brought her children and motherhood into the fray. By mentioning that she visited them at kindergarten, she made her kids fair game, he argued:

“The second thing is she’s brought her children - personal life - into that briefing on numerous times. In fact, as recently as last night, when CBS was reporting may be leaving her post, said she was at a kindergarten meeting with her children. So, it’s a very human question to ask: “Do you have empathy for children.”

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