Report: FBI Monitored Server in Trump Tower, But ‘No Intercepts of Trump’s Phones or Emails’

Craig Bannister | March 9, 2017 | 11:36am EST
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The FBI briefly monitored a computer server in Trump Tower, but found nothing illegal, according to a report by that cites unnamed sources.

According to both Circa’s video and text reports, the officials say the FBI was checking to see if there were any suspicious computer communications with a Russian bank:

“Sources tell Circa that FBI counter-intelligence officials briefly monitored a computer server in Trump Tower at the end of the election last October, but it was part of a broader probe into Russian efforts to influence the election.”

“The brief counter-intelligence operation yielded no evidence of criminal activity by anyone on Team Trump.”

What’s more, the FBI did not intercept any phone conversations or emails:

“Officials stressed there were no intercepts of Trump’s phones or emails.

“Instead, they used traditional investigative techniques to review a computer server tied to the soon-to-be-president’s business in Trump Towers but located elsewhere.”

The FBI obtained a court order before undertaking the operation, Circa reports:

“And, while the FBI did monitor the Trump Tower server, it did so with a court order, and agents did not listen in on any of Donald Trump’s phone calls or emails. Instead, they were examining possible computer communications with a Russian bank – something that turned out to be innocuous.”

The intelligences sources also tell Circa that they are horrified by the media’s distortion and the politicizing of this type of confidential, leaked information:

“U.S. intelligence officers tell us they have watched in horror as normally secretive investigations have been leaked and distorted by politics.”

“The sources also say much of the information being slung in media reports, and by politicians in the Russia-gate scandal, is partisan and misleading, or outright wrong.”

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