Photo Shows Rep. Rashida Tlaib with Pro-Hezbollah Activist Who Denies Israel’s Right to Exist

Craig Bannister | January 15, 2019 | 12:20pm EST
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Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) (Screenshot)

An activist who supports an anti-Israel terrorist group has posted photos of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) posing with him at her inauguration.

Abbas Hamideh, who describes himself as “Palestinian Right of Return Activist. I don't compromise on one inch of Palestinian land! Founder: Al-Awda, Right of Return Movement. #Palestine #HumanRights” began posting the photos of himself with Rep. Tlaib on Twitter over the weekend.

On January 12, Hamideh posted the first photo, saying he also attended a “private dinner” with Rep. Tlaib:

“I was honored to be at Congresswoman @RashidaTlaib swearing in ceremony in #Detroit and private dinner afterward with the entire family, friends and activists across the country. #Palestine #TweetYourThobe #RashidaTlaib


Later, Hamideh posted another photo with Rep. Tlaib, in which he says:

“I love this. It truly represents America’s best interest. The symbol of freedom, and justice in the halls of Congress.”


In tweets reacting to media coverage of his posts, Hamideh repeated affirms his belief that Israel does not have the right to exist. In one tweet, which has been retweeted by Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, Hamideh says:

“israel does not have a right to exist. The terrorist entity is illegal and has no basis to exist other than a delusional ISIS like ideology.”

Hamideh’s history of publicly supporting Hezbollah and pro-Palestinian groups is chronicled in a Washington Times story regarding the Tlaib-Hamideh photos:

Critics were quick to point out that Mr. Hamideh, a co-founder of the pro-Palestinian group Al-Awda, which means “right of return,” has a history of praising Hezbollah leaders such as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and declaring that Israel has no right to exist.

In December 2015, Mr. Hamideh called convicted terrorist Samir Kuntar a “legendary Hezbollah martyr,” days after he was killed in an explosion in Damascus. Kuntar was convicted of murder and terrorism for his role in a 1979 attempted kidnapping that resulted in the deaths of four Israelis but was released in a 2008 Israeli-Hezbollah prisoner exchange.

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