Rep. Lamar Smith: CNN’s Use of ‘Sh*thole' 195 Times in a Day Proves Media’s Contempt for U.S. Families

By Craig Bannister | January 16, 2018 | 4:13pm EST
Rep. Lamar Smith blasts media profanity (Screenshot)

“We already knew, from their daily attacks, that the media disdained the president,” but now we know their contempt for the American family, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) declared Tuesday.

In a House floor speech, Rep. Smith said media used to respect American families enough to censor vulgar, four-letter words – but, no more, as CNN’s repeated use of the word “Sh*thole” proves:

“What we didn’t know with a certainty, until last week, was that the media also disdained the American family.

“How else to explain their front-paging and televising, at all hours, a four letter expletive that that would be seen by children across America? CNN reportedly used the word 195 times in one day. Sad.”

Rep. Smith was, apparently, referring to a Media Research Center report that made national headlines by documenting how CNN pounced on the opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump while repeatedly using (195 times) the word "sh*thole," whichTrump – allegedly – spoke in a private meeting.

Profane language used to be omitted by media, but those days are gone and the new media practice of vulgarity is hurting American families, Rep. Smith said:

“There was a time when the media would show some respect for family values. But no more.

“Words that might have been omitted or not spelled out are now broadcast in their entirety. That is the media’s decision to make. But, it is a poor decision for the American family.”



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