Rep. Boebert: Dems ‘Can Keep Running Their Mouths and We Will Keep Adding to Our Arsenals’

Craig Bannister | June 29, 2021 | 2:31pm EDT
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Rep. Lauren Boebert

The more Democrats threaten to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment rights, the more Americans will buy guns, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) said Monday in a speech on the House floor.

The congresswoman began by sarcastically “thanking” Democrats for fueling the sale of firearms in the U.S., attributing purchases to Democrats’ tolerance of violence and “threats to strip away our basic constitutional rights”:

“I want to begin this evening by thanking my Democrat colleagues for their outstanding work in encouraging millions of Americans to celebrate their Second Amendment rights by purchasing their first, second or even 100th firearm.

“From the left's riots in cities across America, to Biden's threats to strip away our basic constitutional rights, Democrats are single-handedly responsible for the sale of tens of millions of firearms. Bravo. Well done.

“And I hear that the interest has begun to peak when it comes to the sale of F-15's.”

Rep. Boebert called out President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats for claiming they want to save lives while, at the same time, cheering abortion, defunding the police and opposing Americans efforts to defend themselves:

“Biden will call widely-purchased firearms ‘weapons of war,’ but then he’ll tell you that you need an F-15 or a nuke to keep the federal government in check.

“He will target so-called ‘merchants of death,’ but celebrate the 600 abortion clinics across America.

“This regime will encourage riots, defund the police and try to take away Americans' right to self-defense. Madame Speaker, the American people are not on board with the Biden regime’s hypocritical gun-grabbing. Instead, they are buying guns at a record rate.”

“So, my colleagues from the other side, they can keep running our mouths and we will keep adding to our arsenals,” Rep. Boebert concluded.

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