Psaki Insists Reporter Tell Her ‘Who’ Is Criticizing Biden, Harris for Not Visiting Border

By Craig Bannister | May 14, 2021 | 4:35pm EDT
WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki

When a reporter asked her to respond to criticism that the president and vice president haven’t visited the border, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeatedly demanded to know “who” was criticizing – then, when given a name, said the administration is more focused on helping quickly get migrant children out of border patrol facilities.

Psaki repeatedly refused to acknowledge that there has been any criticism of either Pres. Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been put in charge of addressing the flood of illegal immigrants surging into the U.S., for failing to visit the border:

Reporter: What do you say to those who are criticizing the president and vice president, who have not to date made a in-person visit to the southwest border?

Psaki: Who are those?

Reporter: Those who are criticizing…

Psaki: Like who?

Reporter: There have been lots of people criticizing the fact that they have not made a trip to the border yet.

Psaki: Like who?

Reporter: Criticism from those in the Republican Party, criticism from others.

Psaki: Well, I don’t know who I am responding to, but what I will say is that the president’s focus…

Reporter: Just the other day, one of the senators held a press conference where that was a major criticism.

Psaki: ‘One of the senators?’ Okay. Well, the president…

Reporter: Rick Scott.

Psaki: Senator Rick Scott. Okay. Well, the president’s focus and the vice president’s focus is on solutions.

And, what we’ve seen over the past several months is that, well, we came in and there was little preparation for what was going to be a surge of migrants at the border.

What we’ve done since then is massively reduce the number of children who are at border patrol facilities, from over five thousand to under a thousand. The number’s probably even lower than that now, and massively reduce the number of hours that these children are spending in these facilities. So, our focus is on working through the inter-agency process, pressing to eliminate bureaucracy, and making sure that we’re taking steps that treat them in a humane and moral way. And, we’re less worried about press conferences or political games that are being played by some.

On Wednesday, Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott did, indeed, hold a press conference in which he criticized Biden and Harris for refusing to visit the border:

“While Republicans are unified in our commitment to securing the border, Biden and Harris won’t even visit the border and see the crisis they’ve created. Biden and Harris have made a mockery of a very serious crisis, and instead of taking action, are playing pretend and hiding from the facts. This isn’t a game. Biden is doing nothing to help or protect American families. It’s time to ditch his failed open borders and amnesty strategy and secure the border now.”

And, as the Los Angeles Times has reported, "Republicans Not Alone in Saying Kamala Harris Should Visit the Southwest Border"

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