Poll: Mueller’s ‘Unfavorable’ Rating Hits All-Time High; Trump-Russia Probe Handled ‘Unfairly’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | June 13, 2018 | 5:13 PM EDT

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (Screenshot)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s public image has hit a record low since he began his investigation into potential collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia – and more registered voters believe the probe has been handled “unfairly” than “fairly” – a new survey of registered voters shows.

The latest POLITICO/Morning Consult national tracking poll of 1,994 registered voters, conducted June 7-10, 2018, finds across-the-board, all-time high “unfavorable” views of Mueller. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and all respondents combined, all expressed record low opinions of Mueller:

  • Republicans: 53% unfavorable, 18% favorable, 29% no opinion/never heard of Mueller
  • Democrats: 24% unfavorable, 50% favorable, 26% no opinion/never heard of Mueller
  • Independents: 33% unfavorable, 28% favorable, 40% no opinion/never heard of Mueller
  • All Registered Voters: 36% unfavorable, 32% favorable, 32% no opinion/never heard of Mueller

Of the 1,362 registered voters with an opinion of Mueller, 52.7% (718) have an unfavorable view and 47.3% (644) view him favorably.

Among Republicans, Mueller’s 53% negative rating has about doubled from its level of 27% recorded when the survey’s polling on Mueller began in July 2017.

Asked to rate how fairly the Justice Department has handled its Trump-Russia probe, “Not Fairly at All” was the top response of registered voters (23%). While 40% said the investigation has been handled at least “somewhat unfairly,” 38% said it has been conducted at least “somewhat fairly”:

“Do You Think the Department of Justice investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election has been handled fairly or unfairly?”

  • Very Fairly: 21%
  • Somewhat Fairly: 17%
  • Not Too Fairly: 17%
  • Not Fairly at All: 23%
  • Don’t Know/No Opinion: 21%

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