Poll: 63% of Dems Don’t Know Manafort Isn’t on Trial for ‘Collusion with Russia’

Craig Bannister | August 10, 2018 | 9:09am EDT
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Paul Manafort: NOT charged with "collusion" (Screenshot)

A majority of U.S. adults do not know that Paul Manafort is not on trial for “collusion with Russia,” a new poll by The Economist/YouGov Poll reveals.

Manafort, a former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, is currently on trial facing charges including tax evasion, bank fraud and conspiracy to defraud the United States – but, not “collusion with Russia.”

In the national survey of 1,500 adults, conducted August 5-7, 2018, respondents were asked:

“From what you know about it now, is Paul Manafort charged with crimes directly related to allegations of collusion with Russia in the 2016 Presidential election or are the charges about something else?”

Democrats were the most likely (29%) to erroneously think that Manafort is on trial for collusion with Russia, compared to 17% of Independents and 13% of Republicans. In all, 20% of survey respondents cited “collusion.”

Another 41% of those surveyed said they were “not sure” what charges Manafort is facing. When those who weren’t sure are added in, 63% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 61% of all respondents did not know Manafort is not on trial for collusion with Russia.

Meanwhile, half (50%) of Republicans correctly answered that Manafort is on trial for “something else,” other than collusion with Russia.


  • Collusion with Russia: 20%
  • Not Sure: 41%
  • Something Else: 39%
  • Collusion + Not Sure: 61%


  • Collusion with Russia: 29%
  • Not Sure: 34%
  • Something Else: 37%
  • Collusion + Not Sure: 63%


  • Collusion with Russia: 17%
  • Not Sure: 49%
  • Something Else: 35%
  • Collusion + Not Sure: 66%


  • Collusion with Russia: 13%
  • Not Sure: 36%
  • Something Else: 50%
  • Collusion + Not Sure: 49%
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