Poll: 56% of Voters Following Media’s Rittenhouse Trial Coverage Very Closely Say It Was Prejudiced Against Him

Craig Bannister | November 23, 2021 | 2:27pm EST
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Kyle Rittenhouse
(Getty Images/Sean Krajacic)

The closer U.S. voters followed the media’s coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial, the more likely they are to conclude that the coverage was both unfair and prejudiced against Rittenhouse, a new national survey reveals.

The trial, in which Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all five charges, received overwhelming national media attention. A post-trial survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters, conducted on November 18 and 21, by Rasmussen Reports and Human Events, gauges voters’ assessment of the media’s reporting.

The percentage of voters who say the media coverage was “prejudiced against” Rittenhouse rises from just 20% of those who didn’t follow it and 37% who didn’t follow it very closely – to 48% of voters who followed it “somewhat closely” and 56% of those who followed it “very closely.”

Among all respondents, twice as many believe the coverage was prejudiced against Rittenhouse (47%) as consider it to have been neutral (23%).

Likewise, the more closely voters followed the trial coverage, the more likely they are to rate that coverage as “not at all fair” – rising from just 10% of those who didn’t track the news at all to 15% of those who didn’t do so very closely to 27% of those who watched somewhat closely to 38% of those who followed it very closely.

Overall, 47%% of those surveyed say the media’s trial coverage was either not at all fair (28%) or not very fair (19%), compared to 36% who rate it either somewhat (22%) or very (14%) fair.

From ABC and CBS, to CNN and MSNBC, the media’s bias against Rittenhouse hasn’t ended with the jury’s “not guilty” verdict, NewsBusters reports:

“On the Sunday after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty for using his gun in self-defense, the network shows lamented all the alleged racism in the verdict and let liberals lie about Rittenhouse's supposed criminal acts, like bringing an illegal gun across state lines.”

Liberal publications like The New York Times are also continuing their divisive fear-mongering in the wake of the verdict, NewsBusters reveals:

“New York Times reporter Charles Homans on Monday delivered another 1,600 words of paranoia fretting over “mostly white armed paramilitaries” in the aftermath of Rittenhouse’s acquittal, “In Rittenhouse Verdict, Paramilitary Groups See Vindication.”

“The subhead? ‘His acquittal has reinvigorated support on the right for armed responses to racial justice protests and unrest.’”


“The paper's liberal priorities show through again with far more concern over armed men defending property than the Black Lives Matter-affiliated rioters destroying it. This is all about race.”

Even the American Spanish-language Telemundo network has gotten into the act, NewsBusters reports.

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