'Playboy' Strips Pages from Facebook Because Platform Is ‘Contradicting Our Values'

Craig Bannister | March 28, 2018 | 12:52pm EDT
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Screenshot)

Facebook will be stripped of its “Playboy” magazine pages because the social media giant contradicts the publication’s “values,” a “Playboy” executive has announced.

“Playboy” is also offended by Facebook’s “sexually repressive” stance, the son of the magazine’s founder said, “Variety” reports:

In a tweet Tuesday evening, Playboy chief creative officer Cooper Hefner — son of the late Hugh Hefner, the mag’s famed founder — said, “We are stepping away from Facebook.”

“Facebook’s content guidelines and corporate policies continue contradicting our values,” the exec wrote. “We’ve tried to craft our voice for the platform, which in our opinion continues to be sexually repressive.”

Hefner added, “Learning of the recent meddling in a free U.S. election further demonstrates another concern we have of how they handle users’ data.”

“Playboy” had briefly decided to go nudity-free in 2014, but, ultimately, returned to its previous values:

Playboy in 2014 removed nude photos from its websites and said the print mag would no longer include nudity starting in early 2016. However, last year, Cooper Hefner reversed that decision.

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