Pew: 65% of White Democrats Don’t Believe in ‘All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Loving’ God

Craig Bannister | April 27, 2018 | 10:07am EDT
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Pew surveys Americans' belief in God. (Screenshot)

Two-thirds (65%) of white Democrats do not believe in a God or higher spiritual power that is “all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving,” Pew Research Center reported Wednesday.

Pew released results of a new survey of more than 4,700 U.S. adults regarding their views on the existence and nature of “God, higher power or spiritual force” showing that 95% of Republicans and 95% of nonwhite Democrats believe in God/higher power. But, only 78% of white Democrats believe in the existence of God/higher power.

Believe in God/Higher Power/Spiritual Force:

  • Republicans: 95%
  • Non-White Dems: 95%
  • White Dems: 78%
  • All Dems: 86%

And, while two-thirds of both Republicans (67%) and nonwhite Democrats (64%) say God is “all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving,” only a third of white Democrats (35%) share this belief:

God All-Knowing, All-Loving and All-Powerful:

  • Republicans: 67%
  • Non-White Dems: 64%
  • White Dems: 35%
  • All Dems: 49%

Republicans and nonwhite Democrats are also much more likely to believe God possesses any one of these traits than are white Democrats:

God All-Powerful:

  • Republicans: 72%
  • NonWhite Dems: 72%
  • White Dems: 38%

God All-Knowing:

  • Republicans: 80%
  • Non-White Dems: 77%
  • White Dems: 52%

God All-Loving:

  • Republicans: 85%
  • Non-White Dems: 83%
  • White Dems: 63%

Likewise, only 32% of white Democrats hold the traditional view of God “as described in the Bible,” compared to 70% of Republicans and 62% of nonwhite Democrats:

Believe in Bible God:

  • Republicans: 70%
  • Non-White Dems: 62%
  • White Dems: 32%
  • All Dems: 45%

About three-fourths of Republicans say God influences their lives, but less than two-thirds of Democrats agree:

God determines mix of big and little things in their lives (those who believe God determines anything):

  • Republicans: 76%
  • Dems: 62%

God determines mix of good and bad things in their lives:

  • Republicans: 74%
  • Dems: 63%

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