Pelosi Says She Would’ve Used Her Spike Heels to Fight Off Capitol Rioters

By Craig Bannister | April 14, 2021 | 4:03pm EDT
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
(Getty Images/Mandell Ngan)

If the rioters who invaded the U.S. Capitol last January had caught up with, she was prepared to fight back – even if it meant using her spike heels as weapons – House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says.

"Well, I'm pretty tough. I'm a street fighter. They would have had a battle on their hands," Pelosi said in an interview with USA Today published Tuesday.

Displaying her 4-inch-high stilettos to her interviewer, Pelosi joked that "I would have had these" to use as weapons.

Speaker Pelosi said she was never afraid for herself.

But, Speaker Pelosi also said that she will never forgive the rioters who traumatized the other House members and her staff:

“I was never personally afraid because I had so much security for myself," she said. "I was afraid for everybody else, and I’ll never forgive them the trauma that they caused to the staff and the members." 

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