Pagans Join Pelosi In Embracing 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | October 10, 2011 | 9:48 AM EDT

Apparently, the Pagans have joined Pres. Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi in embracing the Occupy D.C. protests.

Occupy DC protesters formed “Pagan Circles” at Freedom Plaza over the weekend, reports's Penny Starr from the scene:

“Protesters in the plaza range from animal rights activists and people offering ‘pagan circles’ to anti-war groups such as Code Pink.”

But, their willingness to clutter the Earth suggests they may not be Orthodox Pagans:

“The area is littered with the belongings of the protesters, including the sleeping bags of those who are camping at the site.”

Not to be outdone by Obama and Company, a Democrat Pagan presidential candidate is now aligning himself with the “Occupy” protest movement. Aldous Tyler, who calls himself a “spiritual interconnectivist,” says he’s running in order to stop corporations from taking over the country.

“My goals are really not political,” the Pagan presidential candidate declares.