‘Occupy’ Mom ‘Won’t Stop’ Putting Protest Above Her Kids’ Safety

By Craig Bannister | November 11, 2011 | 12:08pm EST

The Occupy DC mom who used her two toddlers to block a convention center door amid mayhem says she’s not going to stop using her kids as human blockades.

On Nov. 4, when Occupy DC was protesting in front of an Americans For Prosperity (AFP) event at the Washington Convention Center, this Occu-Mom set up her blockade with her two little kids in front of one of the doors.

MRCTV captured on video the two distressed toddlers sitting in a toy wagon amidst the police intervention and ensuing pushing and shoving.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, MRCTV caught up with Occu-Mom once again – still protesting with her little ones in tow – and asked her about placing her kids in harm’s way.

“We decided to block the doors of the convention center,” she said of the AFP protest. “They are my children, and I was protesting, and we protest together.”

“They like marching and protesting,” she added.

Really? I'll bet they like being warm and safe and dry in a non-confrontational, loving environment even more.

Asked if she regretted using her kids to block the door amid the videotaped chaos, Occu-Mom was unrepentant:

“No, not at all, and I won’t stop doing it. If they don’t want to be somewhere, we leave.”

“The police are the only ones putting them in danger,” she claimed.

Let’s say that’s true, just for the sake of argument. If the police are, indeed, “putting them in danger,” isn’t that reason enough to keep her children out of the fray  by leaving them someplace safer while she’s out protesting?

Or, is she simply unwilling to go through the inconvenience of finding a friend, relative, or sitter to watch her kids while she’s out protesting?

I guess “the cause” comes first, her convenience second, and her kids third.

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