Nation’s Largest ‘Back the Blue’ Rally Organizer ‘Not Worried About Counter-Protesters’: ‘We’re Used to It’

Craig Bannister | July 24, 2020 | 10:12am EDT
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Kyle Reyes of Law Enforcement Today

The men and women attending Saturday’s “Back the Blue” rally in Long Island, New York aren’t afraid of being accosted by counter-protesters, because they’re used to dealing with being harassed on “every single day,” a spokesman for the event’s organizer says.

On Friday, Kyle Reyes of Law Enforcement Today appeared on “Fox & Friends First” to promote the pro-police event. Asked if he was worried about counter-protesters, Reyes said the types of men and women are subjected to daily abuse for displaying their support of law enforcement:

“We’re not worried about counter-protesters because the reality of it is that these men or women who are going to be at the event are used to dealing with it every single day in some way shape or form – whether it’s in their own neighborhoods, whether it’s people yelling at them driving down the road because they have a “Thin Blue Line” flag on their car, whether it’s on social media. We’re sort of used to it by now.”

The rally will feature a range of celebrity speakers, such as performers Ted Nugent and Clay Aiken.

Reyes says Americans will be flying in “from sea to shining sea” to make the event the largest “Back the Blue” rally in the nation:

“We literally have people flying out from sea to shining sea at this point, and so we’re expecting upwards of ten thousand people.”

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