More Independent Voters Want Trump on the 2024 Ballot Than Want Biden to Run for Reelection

Craig Bannister | December 15, 2021 | 3:31pm EST
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(Getty Images/Morry Gash)

While a majority of Democrat voters want Pres. Joe Biden to run for reelection and most Republican voters want former Pres. Donald Trump to run in 2024, more Independent voters would rather see Trump than Biden on the ballot, a new Politico-Morning poll finds.

The national survey of 1,998 registered voters, conducted December 11-13, posed two separate questions, one asking if they believe Biden should run and the other if they think Trump should run.

Fully 70% of Republicans say, yes, Trump should run, including 49% saying he should “definitely” run. A smaller percentage of Democrats (63%) say Biden should run again, with 35% saying he should definitely do so.

However, just 31% of Independent voters think Trump should run again, and an even smaller percentage (23%) believe Biden should seek reelection. Conversely, a higher percentage of Independents don’t think Biden should run (67%) than believe Trump should stay out of the race (59%).

Asked who they would like to see Biden replaced with as the Democrat candidate, if he doesn’t seek reelected, a third of Democrat voters chose Vice President Kamala Harris, three times the second-place candidate, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Among Independent voters, just 20% pick Harris, even though she is their top choice.

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