Michael Moore: 'It WILL Get Worse than Trump'

By Craig Bannister | January 30, 2018 | 1:46pm EST
Moore: 'Someone worse than Trump? Yes!' (Screenshot)

“Don’t think it can’t get worse than Trump. It will get worse than Trump,” celebrity activist declared Monday at an anti-Trump “People’s State of the Union” event.

Much of the damage done by President Donald Trump has been invisible, Moore warned as he called for obliteration of “the system and the culture that brought us Trump in the first place:

“Much, much, damage has been done. Most of it, out of sight, and much of it, seemingly, permanent.

“We need to remove him – and also, any Democrat who is in the way of removing him – that is, at this point, a moral imperative for each and every one of us.

“But, removing him, and Pence, and the whole disgusting lot of them in Congress and in our state capitals, still won’t be enough. We must remove, and replace, the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place.”

Moore argued that the steady “depletion of the gene pool” that has produced a succession of increasing flawed Republican presidents is destined to produce a president “worse than Trump”:

“All of this must be fixed, or we will continue to have even more aberrated versions of Donald Trump.

“What, there’s someone worse than Trump? Yes! But, I will not conjure up that image for you, because I don’t want to wreck your evening.

“We started with Reagan – it’s like there’s been a depletion of the gene pool – you know how, like, you make a Xerox of a Xerox of a Xerox of a Xerox. By the time you get to the tenth Xerox, you got a bunch of crap on a piece of paper?

“This thing started with Reagan, worked its way through one Bush, then a second Bush, and now we got Trump. Don’t think it can’t get worse than Trump.

“It WILL get worse than Trump.”

Moore also blame a dumbed-down media for America’s evils:

“As we seek to rid ourselves of Trump, we must also cleanse our American soul of its white male privilege, its voracious greed and its enforced ignorance that has made a population of semi-literate and unaware people. By wrecking their schools, closing their libraries – and dumbing down the media.

“That’s how they got away with it.”


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