Media ‘Unmasked’: Bozell Book Documents Good News Censored in ‘War Against Trump’

By Craig Bannister | June 3, 2019 | 5:25pm EDT
Best-Selling Author and MRC Pres. Brent Bozell

In his new book debuting Tuesday, June 4, Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell documents the liberal media’s zealous efforts to attack President Donald Trump.

“Unmasked: Big Media’s War Against Trump” details how media have relentlessly wielded false, fake and biased “news” to smear the president. Since Trump’s inauguration in January of 2017, nightly network (ABC, NBC, CBS) news coverage of Trump has been 90 percent negative, while positive news has been virtually ignored.

In Chapter Four, “Good News Is No News,” “Unmasked” examines six areas where President Trump has scored major achievements – all of which media have stubbornly refused to report:

  1. Stock Market,
  2. Unemployment,
  3. Deregulation,
  4. Energy,
  5. Veterans,
  6. ISIS

As the stock market set record after record, and recorded the fastest 1,000-point increase in history, media “yawned their disinterest,” the book explains, noting how NBC even tried to put a negative spin on the news by reporting that “Only half of American households own stock.”

Likewise, “Unmasked” analysis reveals that, month after month, evening-news media have given 60 times more coverage to their “Russia obsession” that to government reports showing the U.S. unemployment rate plummeting and an ever-increasing number of Americans, including minorities, becoming employed.

The book details one instance, in particular, where media bias by omission was strikingly egregious:

“On October 9, 2018, came the news that unemployment had now dropped to the lowest levels in almost 50 years. The Big Three networks combined for exactly one minute of coverage.”

And, when the violent, radical ISIS caliphate was defeated under Trump, after having expanded under President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “The President and his administration received virtually no credit,” the book explains:

“That ‘caliphate’ completely collapsed under Trump when he let General Mattis & Co. tear the ISIS army apart, piece by piece when they lost their home base in Raqqa in October 2017, the caliphate was no more. Coalition forces had regained nearly all of the territory these savages occupied in 2015 with Obama in power with Hillary as his Secretary of State.

“The President and his administration have received virtually no credit for this achievement. From Inauguration Day through September 2018, the three broadcast network evening newscasts offered more than 10,000 minutes of coverage on the Trump presidency. Winning the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria only drew 33 minutes of attention – a third of one percent of the Trump total.”

“Unmasked: Big Media’s War Against Trump,” co-authored by MRC Director of Media Analysis and NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham, is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and other book stores nationwide, and online via Amazon, beginning Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

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