Media Fear Trump Might Be Next House Speaker; Rep. Gaetz Says He’s Talked to Ex-President About Possibility

By Craig Bannister | December 10, 2021 | 9:40am EST
Former Pres. Donald Trump
(Getty Images/Jim Watson)

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz says he’d like Donald Trump to be the next Speaker of the House and analysis by NBC News says there’s nothing prohibiting the former president, or anyone else, from serving in the position.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked Rep. Gaetz if he wants Trump to be elected Speaker, if Republicans win back control of the House.

Grinning ear to ear, Gaetz didn’t just say that he likes the idea, he added that he’s even discussed it with Trump himself. But, when pressed for further details, Gaetz simply smiled and said the content of the conservation is privileged information:

Reporter: “If you do re-take the House, would you want Ex-President Donald Trump to be the Speaker?”

Rep. Gaetz: “I would.”

Reporter: “Have you talked to him about it”

Rep. Gaetz: “I have”

Reporter: “What did he say?”

Rep. Gaetz: “Oh, I keep my conversations with the former president between the two of us.”

The congressman liked the exchange so much, he tweeted out video of it, along with the hashtag “#SpeakerTrump.”

Gaetz appeared to be heartily enjoying the opportunity to strike fear in the hearts of liberals, as The Western Journal explains:

“Unlikely as this all is, the question of Trump becoming speaker has gained enough steam for a reporter to ask Gaetz about it during a news conference. This may indicate that even the slightest inkling of a Trump resurgence is causing the left to panic.”

“As speaker, Trump would have the authority to bring impeachment articles against Biden and/or Vice President Kamala Harris,” the Journal reports.

The Constitution’s only specific reference to the election of the House Speaker appears to place no restrictions on eligibility:

“The House of Representatives shall chuse [sic] their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

An NBC News article concludes that, based in its analysis and consultation with a constitutional scholar and two House offices, the House can elect anyone it wants to the position of Speaker. The article, published in 2015 and still live on, explains:

“The Clerk of the House agrees with the office of the House Historian, which says the speaker has always been (but is not required to be) a House Member.”

“Bottom line? Though it’s inconceivable the framers would have elected an outsider to be speaker of the House, there’s nothing to stop the House from doing it now.”

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