Media Blamed More than Trump for Dividing Nation, New Politico Poll Shows

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | November 2, 2018 | 2:42 PM EDT


More registered voters say that the media is doing more to divide than to unify the nation than think President Donald Trump is doing is doing so, a new Politico/Morning Consult poll shows.

Respondents of the survey of 2,543 registered voters were asked the following two questions:

“Generally, would you say President Trump has done more to unite or divide the country since he took office?”


“Generally, would you say the national news media has done more to unite or divide the country since President Trump took office?”

Nearly two-thirds of registered voters said the national news media has done more to divide (64%) than to unite the country – compared to 56% who say Trump has done more to divide than unite since taking office.

Likewise, more voters said Trump has been more unifying than the national news media. While 30% said that Trump has done more to unify than divide, only 17% credited the media for doing so.

Opinions of Democrats and Republicans differed greatly, while those of Independents mirrored the overall national results. Democrats viewed the national news media as being more unifying, while Republicans viewed the president as being more unifying.


  • Democrats: 7% more unifying, 88% more divisive, 5% don’t know/no opinion (DK/NO)
  • Independents: 30% more unifying, 54% more divisive, 16% DK/NO
  • Republicans: 55% more unifying, 25% more divisive, 20% DK/NO
  • Total: 30% more unifying, 56% divisive, 13% DK/NO


  • Dems: 28% more unifying, 46% more divisive, 26% DK/NO
  • Independents: 14% more unifying, 67% more divisive, 19% DK/NO
  • Republicans: 9% more unifying, 80% more divisive, 11% DK/NO
  • Total: 17% more unifying, 64% more divisive, 19% DK/NO

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