Mark Levin: How Democrats and ‘Their Dear Friends the Communist Chinese’ Would Handle the Coronavirus

Craig Bannister | March 13, 2020 | 11:55am EDT
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Mark Levin

Democrats are too obsessed with attacking President Donald Trump and blaming the United States to offer any real measures to combat the coronavirus, nationally-syndicated radio host Mark Levin said on his Tuesday show.

Levin suggested three ways Democrats would like exploit the coronavirus in order to advance their political agenda:

“So, when Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders get up and say the president is mishandling this - how would they handle it?

“More abortion.

“More government mandates on employers.

“And, more freed felons.

“That’s how the Democrats would deal with the coronavirus.”

Democrats would also promote Communist Chinese propaganda to help the Communist regimen blame the United States and President Trump for the virus:

“And, by the way, don’t you dare criticize their dear friends, the Communist Chinese. Don’t you dare call this virus ‘the Chinese virus’ or ‘the Wuhan virus’ – because the Communist Chinese have made clear, they’ve made clear openly and surreptitiously, that you better not do that; we are busy blaming the United States and Donald Trump for this.

“And the Democrats, of course, are more than happy to oblige.”

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