Mark Levin: Dems Should ‘Abolish the Democrat Party’ if They Truly Want to ‘Purge All Vestiges of Slavery and Racism’

Craig Bannister | June 11, 2020 | 12:36pm EDT
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Mark Levin

Why did it take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) 30 years to become offended by the sight of confederate statues, conservative pundit Mark Levin asked Thursday after Pelosi called for the removal of 11 statues.

What’s more, if America truly wants to remove all reminders of slavery and racism, it should “abolish the Democrat Party” because of its legacy of support for those evils, Levin tweeted:

“Abolish the Democrat Party.

“If we are to purge all vestiges of slavery and racism, it seems to me the most obvious target must be the Democrat Party. It stood for slavery and segregation and birthed the KKK.”

“Any sporadically redeeming policies of the more recent past are of no relevance. It’s in that party’s DNA, as they say.”

Levin notes Democrats’ hypocrisy, given their past and the fact that they once chose a former klansman to lead the Senate:

“Indeed, only a few decades ago, it chose a former klansman as its Senate leader, without objection from today’s so-called resistance — most of whose “members” are Democrats or will vote for Democrats. Their incoherence and hypocrisy aside, purge their party.”

“Pelosi has been in Congress for decades and only today does she demand the removal of 11 confederate statues.  Why wasn’t she offended for the prior 30 years?”

“Why didn’t she do anything when Harry Reid ran the Senate or when former klansman Robert Byrd was the Democrats’ leader?”

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