Majority of Black and Other Minority Voters Approve of Trump, Topping Whites’ Approval

Craig Bannister | July 31, 2020 | 2:50pm EDT
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Pres. Donald Trump

Approval of President Donald Trump’s job performance hit its highest level in more than five months, aided by a majority of Black and other minority voters voicing approval, Rasmussen’s daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday reveals.

The national survey of likely voters shows that 50% approve of Trump, the highest level reached since approval hit 52% on February 27. However, while 39% “strongly approve” of Trump, 43% “strongly disapprove.” Total disapproval was 48%.

A slight majority of Black voters and an even higher percentage of other minority voters approve of Trump, the poll shows.

Among Black voters, 51% said they approve of Trump – topping the president’s 47% approval among Whites. Sixty percent (60%) of voters of all other races said they approve of Trump’s job performance.

Pres. Trump celebrated his latest approval numbers with a Twitter post noting that his internal polling shows that his approval is actually higher:



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