Maine Gov. Tells Sheriffs They'll Be Fired for Defying U.S. Immigration Officials

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | September 27, 2017 | 11:07 AM EDT

Gov. LePage's letter puts defiant sheriffs on notice.

On Tuesday, Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage warned his state’s sheriffs that he’ll fire anyone who defies his order to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement officials.

In a letter to Maine’s sheriffs, LePage explicitly threatened to remove any sheriff who refuses to comply with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests to extend the detention of arrested individuals suspected of violating federal immigration law.

The governor’s letter was prompted by rouge sheriffs who have said they won’t comply with ICE requests, The Daily Caller reports:

The letter, which references LePage’s authority to dismiss Sheriffs who defy his orders, appears to be directed at Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce. Joyce informed ICE in a Sept. 14 letter that he would not comply with requests to detain arrested individuals beyond their scheduled release date, absent a warrant.

“We have a couple sheriffs who say they’re not going to be working with ICE,” LePage told [Radio Host Laura] Ingraham. “Well, unbeknownst to them, the Maine Constitution says if they don’t follow state law, that I can remove them. So there’s likelihood you’re going to be hearing some stories about sheriffs being removed from their duties.”

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