Levin: 'When I Think of Donald Trump, I Do Think of Lincoln and Reagan'

Craig Bannister | April 29, 2020 | 5:04pm EDT
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President Donald Trump thanked conservative commentator and Constitutional scholar Mark Levin Wednesday for comparing him to Presidents Lincoln and Reagan.

“THANK YOU @MarkLevinShow,” Trump tweeted, embedding a video clip of Levin’s comments during a recent segment of “Life, Liberty and Levin.” “You’re welcome, Mr. President,” Levin replied later that day.

In the video, Levin says that, like Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, Trump has done great things for the country despite being under constant assault:

“When I think of Donald Trump, I do think of Reagan and Lincoln: they had different challenges, but they were strong men. And, despite attack after attack after attack, they not only withstood the attacks, they did great things for this country.”

When he first came into office, Trump had no idea he would be attacked so viciously and relentlessly, but he fights on for America and its values, Levin said:



“Donald Trump didn’t come into office as a conservative ideologue. And, yet, he knows instinctively that he wants to defend the Constitution. He wants to defend American institutions and traditions.

“He didn’t come into office thinking that he would be attacked, day in and day out, that they would try to remove him. And, yet he gets up every day, he’s got energy. When you look at the man, he’s 74 years old, he doesn’t look 74 years old. I mean, Joe Biden is 77 years old, he looks like he’s 107 years old.”

Levin noted that there is one key “difference between Donald Trump and all of his enemies, in the media and out”:

“He loves the country and he loves the people and he wants the country to work.”


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