Levin: New MRC Study Proves ‘Media Have Gone Nuts'

Craig Bannister | November 13, 2019 | 12:15pm EST
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Mark Levin (Getty Images/Saul Loeb)

On Tuesday, nationally-syndicated radio host Mark Levin demonstrated how corrupt and bias network news has become, by quoting extensively from a new Media Research Center (MRC) study documenting the overwhelmingly negative coverage of President Donald Trump.

Levin used the opening segment of his show to explore the findings of a study by NewBusters, a division of MRC (as is

“Media Research Center: now, that’s a solid organization, come hell or high water. Pressure or no pressure. Because, (MRC President) Brent Bozell is a patriot, as are the people who work with him and for him. And, they stay on it. They will not be deterred.

“And, in a fantastic piece today: ‘Impeachment Frenzy: TV Networks Blast Trump with 96% Negative News’ - That should be the headline right there.”

Levin quoted from the study’s analysis of the anti-Trump, network media bias:

“With virtually no chance Senate Republicans will vote to remove President Trump from office, House Democrats’ drive for impeachment is more likely aimed at creating a deluge of negative daily headlines hoping to cripple Trump going into next year’s election. If that is indeed Democrats’ goal, then the three broadcast networks are doing everything they can to help achieve this partisan objective.”

“A free society, ladies and gentlemen, cannot exist without a free press – and we have an unfree press today,” Levin commented. “And, even some of the new media are part of the unfree press. No longer the clarion that you’ve come to rely on.”

Returning to the study, Levin cited its finding that the networks’ already-negative coverage of Trump has become even more hostile in recent weeks:

“MRC analysts have reviewed all coverage of President Trump and his administration on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts since 2017. Following the beginning of the impeachment inquiry on September 24, this coverage has been even more hostile than normal: Out of 684 evaluative comments included in these broadcasts, a whopping 96 percent have been negative, vs. a meager four percent that have been positive.”

The study proves how left-wing news reports are nothing but anti-Trump hit jobs, Levin said:

“You see it right there: 96 percent hit jobs, hit jobs linked to by left-wing media outlets, left-wing voices, Trump-haters: ‘TV’s fascination with Democrats’ impeachment push has crowded out nearly all other news about the administration.’”

Instead of obsessing about impeachment, the news media should be reporting on more serious issues, such as the attacks on Israel, Levin said:

“I’ll give you a news headline: The House Intelligence Committee is pursuing impeachment while, in Israel, Islamic jihad, Palestinian Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah have fired over 200 missiles in the population center.

“What’s the House Intelligence Committee doing? They’re protecting the whistleblower. Incredible.

“They’re worried about Ukraine not getting money that it got. They’re worried about Ukraine investigating their hero, Joe Biden – which Ukraine is not investigating.”

“’TV’s fascination with Democrats’ impeachment push has crowded out nearly all other news about the administration,’ Levin said, quoting the study:

“During the six weeks since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the start of the inquiry (September 24 through November 5), the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts churned out 398 minutes of coverage to the Ukraine scandal, or more than three-fifths of all administration news during this period (645 minutes).

“This nearly matches the 438 minutes of airtime these newscasts produced during the most hyper-intensive six weeks of the Russia ‘collusion’ scandal, starting when the President fired James Comey as FBI Director on May 9, 2017.

“With most of the developments behind closed doors, the majority of the networks’ impeachment coverage has been based on secret leaks from anonymous sources. Out of 172 news reports, a large majority (59%) relied on unnamed sources for their facts about the impeachment probe. This is slightly higher than when we first checked in late October, when 57 percent of impeachment stories used anonymous sources.”

“The media have gone nuts – and not just the old media, some of the new media. Let me go on, Levin continued: ‘Silent on Economic Success: Despite record highs in the stock market and a fifty-year low in the unemployment rate, the President’s handling of the economy was given a stingy 4 minutes, 6 seconds of airtime during these six week.’”

“Four minutes, six seconds on network T.V.: There’s your headline,” Levin said, citing the study’s finding that former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has received 71 percent positive coverage, despite his son’s dubious dealings with a Ukrainian energy company.

Examples of liberal media corruption goes “on and on and on,” and Americans are seeing it, Levin concluded:

“But, we know it. We know how corrupt the media is, and how corrupt some of the new media are becoming. We’re well aware of this.”


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