Levin: ‘Media Seem Confused About Their Own Reporting’ Implicating Obama’s WH in Surveillance of Flynn

By Craig Bannister | May 18, 2020 | 3:06pm EDT
Mark Levin

There has been “a ubiquitous activity, aid and comfort given by the media” to promote the falsehood that Pres. Trump colluded with Russia – and to cover up the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on and smear the Trump administration and former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn – conservative pundit and Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin said Sunday.

Levin devoted his Sunday Fox News Channel program, “Life, Liberty and Levin,” to laying out the evidence, which he first reported on March 5, 2017, that the untoward activity was widespread within both the Obama administration and the media:

“They went to the FISA court and they got a warrant. We now know they went there four times to get a warrant. We also now know that they lied. The inspector general's reported the case that the document was falsified by an FBI lawyer, leaks about this FISA application were throughout the media - and I was attacked after this: ‘Do I have any proof that they actually went to the FISA court?’ and so forth. The point of this and the point of the program this evening is to show you the full extent of the Obama administration’s activity in this.

“These aren’t a few one-off rogue FBI agents: this is a ubiquitous activity throughout the government and, furthermore, it is a ubiquitous activity, aid and comfort given by the media to promote this lie about the Russia collusion issue.”

Levin played a clip from his 2017 appearance on “Fox and Friends,” in which he quotes media reports that at least six agencies in the Obama administration were involved in trying to create and advance the false narrative that the Trump administration colluded with Russia.

“Are you telling me Barack Obama didn't know what was going on in six agencies? Hold on, hold on. I need to make the case because the media seems to be confused about their own reporting,” Levin concludes in the clip.

Next, Levin played a clip in which he quotes reporting by The New York Times that multiple agencies were involved – despite “no conclusive evidence” against Trump – and that intelligence reports of wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House.

What’s more, through an enormous number of leaks to the press, the word was put out to push the Russia collusion narrative – even though none of them believed it was true – in order to cripple and malign the incoming Trump administration, Levin said:

“January 19th - so the leaking before Obama leaves office is enormous, to The New York Times, to The Washington Post, to British newspapers, to websites and so forth. The word has gone out: push out this narrative of Russian collusion, push it out. Cripple the incoming president of the United States. Create this cloud over his head so when he comes into office he will be viewed as a Russian puppet. And we now know, of course, as a result of the Mueller investigation as well as the release of information the other week from the director of the national intelligence, that none of them believed it for a minute that there was any Russia collusion.

“But, look what's taking place here. While I’m talking about this on March 5, 2017 - the first one to go on national TV and lay all this out - we already know they had put spies in the Trump campaign. We already know they'd gone to the FISA court in October. We already know that the dossier was phony and had been paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. We already know, today we know, that all these activities were taking place before this January 5 meeting which I will get to in a moment.”

Levin, then, played a clip in which he cites “two major news outlets that point the finger at the White House.”

“You don’t have such a full, administration-wide activity to destroy” Trump and all his associates “without the president of the United States knowing about it” and, at least generally giving the go-ahead, Levin concluded:

“That's two major stories, from two major news outlets that point the finger at the White House. Two. Information going to the White House, information coming from the White House. Two major stories. You see ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama not only knew about this, he obviously gave the go-ahead, even in general terms.

“You don't have the FBI, the CIA, the DNC, the State Department, the Treasury Department, the NSA and all the rest of it - you don't have such a full, administration-wide activity to destroy a candidate, destroy a president-elect, and then to destroy a president, all Donald Trump and everybody around him without the president of the United States not only knowing about it but, at least in general terms, giving the go-ahead.”

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