Levin: ‘It’s a Crap Report;’ Claims of ‘Real Evidence’ Against Trump ‘All B.S., From Top to Bottom’

Craig Bannister | April 19, 2019 | 11:36am EDT
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Mark Levin (Screenshot)

The reason there are almost no redactions in Volume Two of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russian report is that “It’s all crap,” conservative pundit Mark Levin declared on his nationally-syndicated radio program Thursday.

“It’s a crap report,” and Volume Two – which focuses on suspected collusion – is “all crap,” Levin said:

“This is a 400-page report – two volumes – I’m not going to sit here and read it to you. What is it, the Bible? What is Mueller Moses? Did he come down from Mount Sinai?

“It’s a crap report. Volume Two has almost no redactions. You want to know why Volume Two has almost no redactions – the obstruction volume? Because it’s all crap. It’s not based on serious prosecutorial examination and investigation. It’s one, long New York Times Op-Ed – filled with, this one said this and this one said that, he sat over here, he looked over there, and you know what he told Christie, and who cares?”

The claims by “so-called” reporters and legal analysts that the report contains “real evidence” of collusion and grounds to indict Trump were “all B.S., from top to bottom, from left to right,” Levin said:

“For nearly three years, the media, on and on and on about collusion. You had so-called reporters, so-called anchormen and women, so-called former federal prosecutors, so-called legal analysts, a conga line going on and on: ‘We have real evidence, ladies and gentlemen, of collusion – and I’d be surprised if the president isn’t indicted. I’d be surprised if he’s not indicted secretly and it’s under seal and they told the statute of limitations and when he leaves, they go for it.’

“We heard it all, all of it: all B.S., from top to bottom, from left to right.”

And, without collusion, Mueller had no reason to investigate Trump, other than a desire to “get” him, his report reveals that “The basis for the entire scam has been exposed,” Levin added:

“All the misapplication of process, the misapplication of logic here. You have a prosecutor who was out to get the president of the United States. And, he couldn’t. No collusion – which means the basis for the entire scam has been exposed.

“There need not have been a special counsel. There need not have been FISA warrants. There need not have been spies in the Trump Campaign.”


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