Levin: Boehner Has ‘Poisoned’ Two-Thirds Of Tea Party-Elected Congressmen

Craig Bannister | October 28, 2011 | 2:01pm EDT
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Mark Levin says House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) set out to “poison” newly-elected Tea Party-elected congressmen – and succeeded in robbing two-thirds of them of their conservative values.

Yesterday, while discussing a report of Boehner’s saying he won’t rule out support of a balanced budget amendment that allows unlimited federal spending – and that doesn’t require a super-majority vote to hike taxes to pay for that spending - Levin said:

“As soon as a number of these Tea Party-elected conservatives went to Capitol Hill, Boehner made it his task to take as many as he could under his wing, and to poison them. To poison them with the inside-the-beltway, establishment, old bull, RINO mentality.”

“And, he succeeded with about two-thirds of them,” Levin said. “The only way conservatives in the House are going to make progress is if there’s new Republican leadership.”

Levin warned of what’s to come if Boehner accepts an amendment that doesn’t restrict spending and tax hikes:

“We don’t want a different kind of balanced budget amendment. All that means is massive tax increases. That’s all that means.”

A balanced budget amendment without spending and tax restrictions will be easy for Boehner to pass, because it plays right into the hands of tax-and-spend Democrats, Levin says:

“Otherwise, every liberal in the world will support this balanced budget amendment, because what it means is massive tax increases of every type.”

And, this wouldn’t be first time Boehner’s struck a bad deal, Levin notes:

“The legislation to increase the federal debt limit - that Boehner negotiated - requires both Houses of Congress to vote on a balanced budget amendment, but, doesn’t specify what type.”

“Once again, Boehner out-negotiated,” Levin said

Levin concluded by warning that, if Boehner goes along with Democrats, it’ll spell disaster for the country: “That’s not a balanced budget amendment; that’s a suicide amendment.”

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