Laura Ingraham: Media Targeting People of Faith Through ‘Intimidation Campaign’

Craig Bannister | November 7, 2017 | 11:47am EST
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Ingraham: Media targeting the faithful in wake of Texas tragedy. (Screenshot)

“We’d better be careful,” Laura Ingraham warned people of faith Monday night on her Fox News Channel program.

While many Americans offered prayers for the victims of Sunday’s church massacre in Texas, media and entertainment celebrities immediately began to ridicule and demean their prayers, Ingraham explained:

"In the aftermath of the church massacre in Texas, all of us were outraged and heart-broken. Across social media, politicians and concerned Americans everywhere remembered the victims and offered the grieving families of Sutherland Springs their thoughts and prayers.

“But, almost immediately, celebrities and certain media types rushed to ridicule and demean that religious sentiment. Actor Michael McKeon wrote: ‘They were in church. They had the prayers shot right out of them. Maybe try something else.’ Stephen King, whose ‘Dark Towers’ series features a gun-slinger, he tweeted: ‘Enough with praying. Time to start legislating.’”

Militant entertainment and media elites are using their popular culture influence to portray people of faith as ignorant hicks – when they are actually “the best of America,” she said:

“The hostility to faith affects the popular culture. There is militant secularism moving throughout the country that not only disparages people of faith – but, targets them because of it.

“Entertainment and media elites caricature people like those in the church in Sutherland Springs as intolerant, backwood Yahoos and Bible-thumpers, when they are actually among the best of America.

“They may not be the fancy people, out on the red carpets, or in the gym with their personal trainers. But, when the chips are down and help is needed, they’ll put their own lives on the line, pick up a long gun if needed and go save their neighbors.”

What’s more, “these elites are not only trying to politicize this tragedy, but they’re disparaging the faith of the people killed in those pews,” Ingraham said. “This is an intimidation campaign that has been tried, and tried again, even on yours truly,” she said, recalling how a writer recently attacked her for wearing “purple vestments” (a dress) and a gold cross on-air.

“You see, the atheists aren’t happy unless they’re trampling on another person’s religious liberty. We’d better be very careful,” Ingraham warned.

She closed the segment with advice for her attackers:

“And for those of you who don’t agree: you’re in my thought and prayers – get over it.”

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