Laura Ingraham: Media ‘Continue Bizarre Assault on Decades-Old Drug Used Worldwide…to Treat COVID Patients’

By Craig Bannister | April 8, 2020 | 5:03pm EDT
Laura Ingraham

Media are vilifying a drug President Donald Trump is suggesting might be an effective treatment for coronavirus – even though it’s been around for decades and is currently being used worldwide to treat coronavirus patients – because media have put political interests ahead of American lives, Fox News Host Laura Ingraham says.

The drug, hydroxychloroquine is “especially seeing promise in early intervention” against coronavirus, Ingraham said on Monday’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle”:

“Some in the media and the medical establishment, as I mentioned to Sean (Hannity), continue this bizarre assault on the decades-old drug hydroxychloroquine that’s being used by doctors worldwide – I mean worldwide – to treat COVID patients, especially seeing promise in early intervention.”

“To get a sense of how political the criticism has become, check this out,” Ingraham said, playing a video clip of a doctor being interviewed on CNN by Host Wolf Blitzer. The doctor argues that the U.S. is too busy trying to save lives from the coronavirus that it’s ignoring social issues.

“We’re focusing so much on hydroxychloroquine we’re overlooking all the really important social issues that are not being mentioned,” Dr. Craig Spencer of Columbia University Medical in New York tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, citing unnamed harmful influences of coronavirus on domestic violence, indigenous people and people of color.

But, as Ingraham says she knows that the doctor’s own hospital is using hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients – because she’s checked with other doctors there:

“What he didn’t say is that the hydroxychloroquine is now being used by physicians treating COVID patients in his own hospital.

“I know, because I’ve spoken to the doctors.”

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