Kimmel: Late-Night Shows Can’t ‘Go Too Far’ Attacking Trump

Craig Bannister | February 27, 2018 | 4:28pm EST
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Jimmy Kimmel: "I don't think you can go too far." (Screenshot)

Video-On ABC’s Good Morning America program Tuesday, activist/late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel denied he’d ever gone too far to the left when preaching politics and attacking President Donald Trump on his show.

Kimmel added that he had no regrets over “anything” he’s said on his show.

“Not at all. I don't think you can go too far,” he said, while claiming that he is “still doing comedy.”

But, talk show hosts have to be political these days, so viewers just have to get used to being subjected to their political opinions, Kimmel said:

“I also think that we’ve matured enough to the point where we can accept late-night talk show hosts speaking about a serious subject, and I think that it’s almost necessary now.”

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