Kathy Griffin’s Lawyer Complains that Actions Have Consequences When You ‘Behead’ the President

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | June 2, 2017 | 4:11 PM EDT

Kathy Griffin's beheading "joke."

It’s not fair that publicly pretending to behead the president has personal and professional consequences, Comedian Kathy Griffin’s lawyer whined Friday.

Appearing at a press conference with Griffin, attorney Lisa Bloom accused the First Family of bullying her client, simply because she had posed, ISIS-style, holding up a mock bloody, severed head of President Donald Trump.

Due to the First Family’s bullying, Bloom said, the comedian has been “vilified” – just for joking about beheading the president – and has endured public backlash and lost jobs:

“As a result of the First Family’s bullying of her, and of those she does business with, Kathy has been vilified, she’s receiving a lot of death threats, she’s had her personal website and her social media channels shut down, been fired from multiple jobs, and had multiple events canceled.”

What’s more, Griffin has had to hire a criminal attorney because the Secret Service doesn’t see the humor in her joke:

“The Secret Service has reached out to her. The Secret Service has reached out to a comedian. She’s had to retain a criminal attorney, who is here today.”

The backlash from her behavior has been lonely “living nightmare” for Griffin, Bloom said.

"This has been a living nightmare for Kathy. She works hard, and she has millions of global fans, including me, but she lacks a T.V. network or giant team behind her. And, she has been suffering through this virtually alone, as every kind of vile threat has poured in.”

Griffin even referred to the treatment of Griffin as a “beat-down” – the very words Griffin used to describe what she wanted to do to President Trump and his adolescent son, Barron:

“She has been advised not to leave her home, not to go online, not to receive deliveries as the beat-down of Kathy Griffin comes to a crescendo.”

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