Kathy Griffin Defends ‘Beheading’ Joke by Floating Trump Conspiracy Theory

Craig Bannister | June 2, 2017 | 4:57pm EDT
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Griffin says this isn't the real reason Trump's speaking out against her.

Comedian Kathy Griffin claimed Friday that the real reason President Donald Trump is expressing outrage at her portrayal of his severed, bloody head is that he wants to distract the public from his own scandals.

Holding a press conference with her attorney at her side, the comedian floated her conspiracy theory – and even declared that it is common knowledge.

Griffin claimed that “we all know” the real reason Trump has objected to her ISIS-like beheading pose holding up a bloody, severed “head” of President Trump:

“I get what I am: I am the shiny object. I get it. We all know what is going on here. They’re using me as a shiny object so that nobody’s talking about his FBI investigation. Alright, I get it.”

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