Kanye West Designing 'Star Wars'-Themed 'Living Spaces for the Homeless'

Craig Bannister | July 12, 2019 | 12:20pm EDT
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"Tatooine" (Screenshot)

Rapper Kanye West is working on a project to design and build “living spaces for the homeless” based on the “Star Wars” movie franchise.

West’s vision is to create low-income housing modeled after the fictional planet of “Tatooine,” West revealed at one point in a lengthy interview with Forbes:

“Speaking of aliens, if you really want to see how West’s creative process works, then a visit to the Star Wars planet of Tatooine is necessary. Inspired by Luke Skywalker’s childhood home, West has been working with a team to design prefabricated structures that sport the same austere aesthetic, with the goal of deploying them as low-income housing units. Just after midnight he ushers me into his Lamborghini for an impromptu visit, barreling back down the road with Bach blasting on the sound system. After about 15 minutes, we arrive at a bungalow in the woods.”

West told Forbes Senior Editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg the units “could be used as living spaces for the homeless, perhaps sunk into the ground with light filtering in through the top” and gave him a glimpse of what the housing will look like:

“There, with the hazy heft of something enormous and far away, stand a trio of structures that look like the skeletons of wooden spaceships. They’re the physical prototypes of his concept, each oblong and dozens of feet tall, and West leads me inside each one.”


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