Kamala Harris: 'We Have a Criminal Living in the White House' Running 'a Criminal Enterprise'

Craig Bannister | November 20, 2019 | 9:39pm EST
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Sen. Kamala Harris (Getty Images/Sean Rayford)

“We have a criminal living in the White House” – and he’s running a “criminal enterprise” with the vice president, secretary of state, and the chief of staff,  Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said during Wednesday night’s Democrat presidential debate.

Sen. Harris said that Wednesday’s testimony of U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland at the House impeachment inquiry exposed the criminal enterprise:

“Well, first of all, we have a criminal living in the White House. And there is no question that in 2020 the biggest issue before us until we get to that tender moment [when Trump is out of office] is justice is on the ballot. And what we saw today is Ambassador Sondland, by his own words, told us that everyone was in the loop. That means it is a criminal enterprise engaged in by the president, from what we heard today, the vice president, the secretary of state and the chief of staff.”

Because of “the corrupt nature of this administration,” Democrats must continue to push forward with their impeachment quest, Sen. Harris concluded:

“And so this not only points to the corrupt nature of this administration and the need for these impeachment proceedings to go forward, but it also points to another issue. And, back to the question that you asked earlier, which is what does this mean for the American people? Because what it means, when I watched, this is there are clearly two different set of rules for two different groups in America: the powerful people who with their arrogance think they can get away with this and then everybody else. 

“Because, here's the thing: for those working people working two or three jobs, if they don't pay that credit card bill by the end of the month, they get a penalty. And for the people who don't pay their rent, they get evicted, and for the people who shoplift, they go to jail. 

“We need the same set of rules for everybody. And, part of the reason I'm running for president is to say that we have to bring justice back to America for all people and not just for some.”

In fact, however, Amb. Sondland affirmed in his sworn testimony Wednesday that “no one on this planet” told him that President Trump was tying Ukraine aid to investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. And, Sondland went on to quote Pres. Trump telling him that “I want nothing from Ukraine” and “I want no quid pro quo.”


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