Jim Jordan to Mueller: Report Says Man Who Started This Whole Thing Lied to You – Why Not Charge Him?

Craig Bannister | July 24, 2019 | 1:04pm EDT
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Rep. Jim Jordan (Screenshot)

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) questioned former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s selective prosecution tactics at a House hearing on Wednesday.

Jordan was particularly interested in why Mueller would charge “13 Russians no one’s ever heard of,” but not the man who sparked Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe: Joseph Mifsud, who reportedly lied to the FBI three times during interviews:

“He’s the guy who starts it all. And, when the FBI interviews him, he lies three times – and, yet, you don’t charge him with a crime.

“You charge Rick Gates for false statements, you charge Paul Manafort for false statements, you charge Michael Cohen with false statements, you charge Michael Flynn – a three-star general – with false statements. But, the guy who puts the country through this whole saga, starts it all, for three years we’ve lived this now – he lies, and you guys don’t charge him.

“And, I’m curious as to why.”

“I can’t get into that,” Mueller replied.


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