Jim Carrey Cartoon Depicts Kay Ivey Being Aborted ‘Before the Fetus Becomes Governor of Alabama’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | May 20, 2019 | 10:45 AM EDT

Jim Carrey (Screenshot)

On Saturday, actor/liberal activist Jim Carrey posted a cartoon on Twitter depicting Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey being suctioned out of the womb.

Commenting on his drawing, Carrey says Gov. Ivey, who signed into law a bill banning abortion last week, should have been aborted before she became governor:

"I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama."

As Townhall notes, Carrey is depicting an “aspirational abortion,” in which an unborn child is suctioned out of the mother’s womb:

In fact, what is being shown in Carrey's cartoon of Gov. Ivey resembles an "aspiration abortion" where the baby inside the women is more or less suctioned out with an extremely high volume vacuum.

This sort of abortion occurs between week five and week 13 of the pregnancy. During this time, the baby inside the womb is "developing rapidly." For example in week eight, the child already has a heartbeat and "the preborn baby’s hands and feet are developing, and the neural pathways in the baby’s brain start to form." By week 12, "the child develops reflexes, and can open and close fingers, respond to touch, and make movements with his or her mouth. The child’s nerve cells are developing rapidly."


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